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As an experienced and reliable car rental company in Tehran and Shiraz, Rent Cars provides services.

This collection offers appropriate and up-to-date services to cover the diverse needs of its customers in the field of car rental.

With a wide list of modern cars equipped with the latest technologies, the reliable automobile rental company is the best option for people who are looking for a quality and affordable automobile rental.

Through this company, you can easily and reliably use car rental services at any time.

Procedures for renting a automobile from the Melal Company

Using car rental services can be useful for people who need transportation in the city or for short trips.

But to use these services in the best possible way, you should consider the necessary guidelines.

The first tip for using automobile rental services is to choose a reputable and reliable company.

Reputable car rental companies offer quality and clean cars.

Because the attention and satisfaction of their customers is a priority for them.

Therefore, before choosing a automobile rental company , pay attention to the reviews and ratings of previous customers of that company.

Also, you can consult your friends and acquaintances about their experiences in using car rental services.

The second guide for using car rental services is to check the rules and regulations of the automobile rental company .

Each automobile rental company sets its own rules and regulations for using its services.

If a car rental corporation has quality and up-to-date cars, this is an indication of the importance it places on its customers.

Before choosing a company, it is better to check its list of cars and make sure that they are up-to-date and healthy.

For any questions, you can contact our experts at the Melal Rental automobile collection.

Therefore, before taking the slightest action to rent automobile, carefully read the conditions and rules of the company.

For example, some companies may require a credit card or have special conditions to meet limited kilometers.

The third guide for using vehicle rental services is to check the prices and offers of the companies.

Each automobile rental company sets its prices based on the season, type of car and rental period.

Therefore, before choosing any car rental company, compare the prices and offers of different companies.

Also, note that some companies may ask for additional fees such as insurance and deposits if necessary.

Therefore, you should consider the overall costs and make your decision based on these costs.

Car rental conditions in the corporation

In order to rent all kinds of cars from the Melal automobile Rental company , it is necessary to bring the conditions and documents with you when signing the contract.

Identification documents:

One of the most important and main things that need to be accompanied for any legal action is the identification documents of people.

For this reason, when renting a car, it is necessary to bring your original identification documents with you.

Also, if you are recognized as a foreigner in Iran, you must bring an ID card or passport.

Necessary guarantees for car rental:

Also, if you intend to rent a car from the Kar Rental Group, bring one of the following items as a guarantee.

Official check for the value of the rented car, which will be mentioned in the contract with full specifications and details.

Also, if you are unable to provide a check, you can provide gold worth 10% of the car you want to rent.

Dear friends, you can also get in touch with the collection of nations to know all the details of the contract.

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